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Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

The Excite Innovations team combines more than a century of experience in manufacturing and can help your company amplify sales and reduce expenses. Our staff is made up of skilled, experienced managers who have backgrounds across areas such as facilities management, operations and logistics, sales; machine automation, motion control and networking. 

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Machine Overhual

Metalworking Machinery Closeup

Is your machinery wireless? Excite Innovations specializes in upgrading older machines to Industrial 4.0/IIoT standards which allows communications to ERP, CMMS, third party/any party equipment. Adding IIoT capabilities to older machine can term you sensor data into valuable intelligence: knowing when a component is developing problems, productivity, quality, energy uses and more. All the information you need to make fast, accurate decisions at your fingertips.

4G LTE and 5G Private Networks

Antenna tower against a blue sky, 5g, broadcasting, wireless, radiowave, network.

Is your plant wireless?  Excite can provide 4GLTE and 5G networks both commercial and private to all industries.  Create private networks so automation and data storage no longer need cables and can be place where needed without worry of coverage.

Company News

Opto 22 Logo

April 14, 2021 Excite Innovations is please to announce our partnership with Opto22, a manufacturer of I/O, controllers, and SSRs well known for their quality and reliability. [ Learn More ]

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Groov Epic Edge Programmable Industrial Controller