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Amplify Sales

  • Channel Partner Development

    One way to truly accelerate sales is to have channel partners cross sell your product to their existing client base. This requires, finding and enabling the “Right” Partners. Our Channel Partner Development module includes a workshop that offers two (1) hour sessions. During the first 1-hour session, the Excite Innovations Team will learn about your company, your sales process, your intended market and some partners that you think might be a good fit. During the second session, the Excite Innovations team will propose several innovative partnership ideas that could be a great fit for driving new revenue.

  • Identify New Markets

    Opening up new vertical markets will expand your addressable market and can exponentially increase sales without adding sales resources. Excite Innovations offers an Identify New Markets module which will include an interactive workshop where they explore your existing markets as well as other markets that you may have contemplated entering. This exciting session will allow you to envision the possibilities for your product within various markets. During the second session, the Excite Innovations team will present your team with some creative ideas that might just be the first big steps into a bright future.

  • Awareness Campaigns

    Product awareness will drive your prospective clients to reach out to you – which is one of the fastest ways to increasing revenues and lowering your cost of sales. Whether you have a large or small sales team, you will appreciate having prospective customers asking you about your product! Excite Innovations’ Awareness Campaign module includes two (1) hour sessions, the first of which is a deep dive into your current sales and marketing tactics. During this session, they will work to understand who your customers are and how they got to know you. Session 2 will include some comprehensive ideas on how you can dramatically increase your sales through awareness and in-bound marketing tactics.

  • Web Presence Analysis

    Do you want to know how your website is performing? The Web Presence Performance Module will help you benchmark and measure the on and off-site performance of your website against current search standards. Excite will show you what keywords you are ranking for, compare your internet reach to three of your competitors, and more! With this module, you’ll be able to identify gaps in SEO strategy that need attention so that you can improve the reach and visibility of your online presence.

Reduce Expenses

  • Downtime Reduction Assessment

    Unplanned downtime is expensive withs an average cost of 250k/hour. Depending on the industry, it could be orders of magnitude higher. A recent study by Vanson Bourne finds that 70% of companies are unaware of when equipment requires maintenance or upgrade. Downtime is unavoidable. Extended downtime due to a catastrophic failure often is. Excite Innovations can assess your existing systems and help you implement scalable IoT solutions that migrate your operations from reactive and preventive to proactive and predictive. Excite Innovations can identify and report on you downtime risks with our Downtime Reduction Assessment. Know about potential problem areas before they become problematic.

  • Logistics Assessment

    Your inventory and supply chain processes may offer numerous opportunities to reduce your expenses.

  • Waste Assessment

    Waste comes in many forms. From manufacturing defects, over-production, inventory shrinkage and more. An assessment by Excite's industry experts can show you where process changes can result in waste reduction.

  • Energy Use Evaluation

    We will conduct a plant wide walk through looking for wasted energy. We are looking for not only electrical waste but all energy sources as defined by OSHA. Electrical, cooling water, compressed air, hydraulics, and potential kinetic. We will look pump stations and production line equipment. This will be typically 4-8 hour walk through. We will follow up with an assessment in writing to include some examples and an estimated total savings that could be accomplished.

  • Safety Evaluation

    We will conduct a walk through looking for safety risks. Utilizing OSHA standards and our extensive experience and knowledge to develop an evaluation. Electrical, cooling water, compressed air, hydraulics, steam, pressure and potential kinetic will be looked at and any critical hazards will be brought to your immediate attention. This will typically involve a 4-8 hour walk through. We will follow up with an evaluation in writing to include some unsatisfactory examples and an estimated total risk rating.

  • Digital Transformation Evaluation

    Excite will utilize our experience, knowledge and training to assess any line in your plant. We will perform a detailed evaluation of your line and deliver to you our findings. We will develop phased approach to digitizing your line if needed. We will also provide you with options to remote monitor and control. We would also invite your team to sit down and discuss technology and how it pays for itself quickly.

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