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Partnership Announcement – Opto22

excite innovations partners with opto22 to bring industry leading io & controllers

Opto22 Groov EPIC System with I/O Modules

April 14, 2021 Glastonbury Connecticut] Excite Innovations, LLC, a developer of Industrial IoT (IIoT), operations, logistics and internet solutions for small to medium-sized manufacturers, has partnered with Opto22, a manufacturer of Automation & I/O controllers well known for their quality and reliability. Opto22’s latest product offerings include the game-changing Groov EPIC (Edge Programmable Industrial Controller) and Groov RIO (Remote I/O IIoT Bridge)

The partnership will allow Excite Innovations to provide customers with leading edge controls technology that is used in many different areas of the manufacturing space.

The company states that this relationship will enable them to design custom solutions that help companies improve product quality while reducing energy costs by using intelligent sensors combined with automation systems that deliver contextulized data to intuitive dashboards.

For more information about how Excite Innovations can assist ou in implementing an Opto22 IIot solution into your legacy systems contact Excite Innovations, LLC at [email protected]

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April 14, 2021 Excite Innovations is please to announce our partnership with Opto22, a manufacturer of I/O, controllers, and SSRs well known for their quality and reliability. [ Learn More ]

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Groov Epic Edge Programmable Industrial Controller