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Process Improvement & automation

Improve KPI's, reduce losses due to downtime or uncaught system errors. Excite can help you with the challenges and complexity of IoT to identify improvements or potential failures.

IoT & Cloud Services

Monitor your equipment from wherever you need to be. Excite can help you automate and continually monitor your shop, or shops, from anywhere. Sure. Even There.

Business Intelligence

Your game is only as good as your knowledge. Knowing the status of your operations should be the matter of a glance not hours. Excite can help you interpret the data you need to give you the insight to make fast and accurate decisions.

What's impacting your bottom line?

And how an industrial IOT Solution can improve it

The Cost of Equipment downtime

Factories suffer from 5% to up to 20% loss of productivity due to equipment downtime. 

Unplanned downtime has an average cost of 250k/hour, and depending on the industry, could be orders of magnitude higher. A recent study by Vanson Bourne finds that 70% of companies are unaware of when equipment requires maintenance or upgrade.  Downtime is unavoidable. Extended downtime due to a catastrophic failure often is.

Excite Innovations can assess your existing systems and help you implement scalable IoT solutions that migrate your operations from reactive and preventive to proactive and predictive. 

Losses Due to Equipment Downtime
IoT proactive maintenance

The Cost of service visits

Break-fix service and preventive maintenance is the past.

The key to optimal uptime is knowing there’s a problem and fixing the problem before anyone important knows there’s a problem. 

Excite Innovations can help you be more predictive and proactive with a customizable IoT platform AI. You get tighter control of your service and maintenance activities . Your service people get sensor data and high-value signals. Streamed, analyzed and contextualized. 

Seeing the problem before it happens. Magic right?


The cost of inventory and asset management

Are you still tracking your assets and inventory with a spreadsheet?

And more importantly, how much overhead is attached to maintain that (or those) spreadsheets? And do those spreadsheets contain errors?

Let Excite Innovations help you track and automate your inventory and asset management duties with an IOT + RFID solution that keeps you informed as to where your stuff is at all times. As well as how much stuff your have. Before you order ten thousand more of that thing you have ten thousand of over at the warehouse in New Haven. Oops. Guess that post-it note never made it to the spreadsheet in New Britain.

Workers In Distribution Warehouse